The Group ETC acts as a partner of investors and banks (European/Italian and African) providing financial and interbank services in favor of investment projects and International Trade (Import & Export), involving the different Group companies as required.


Trade Finance

Supporting Corporate in Trade Finance for Import/Export transactions: Documentary Letter of Credit (L/C) and Stand-by Letter of Credit (SBLC).

Project Finance

Supporting Corporate in Project Finance for African Investment projects : Financial Guarantee for Investments (L/G)

Surety Bond

Payment Guarantee (PG), Collection goods guarantee, Bid Bond, Advance Payment Bond, Performance Bond, Maintenance Bond



Supporting Corporate in Logistic services: Goods collection, Custom clearance, Goods delivery


Supporting Corporate in procurement services : Main Contractor, Purchasing Group, Import / Export

Supply Chain Management

Supporting Corporate in Project Management : Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistic and Commissioning


ETC has designed two programs to meet the needs of African Enterprises and Banks :

DRPE - Debt Restructuring Program

The DRPE (Debt Restructuring Program) is the program launched by ETC helping African Enterprises restructuring their corporate debt, including debt to the banks operating in OHADA Member States.

Advantages for Enterprises

➣ Full assistance in corporate restructuring

➣ Avoid legal proceedings and disputes with the bank

➣ Improve business performances

IATFP - Italian African Trade Facilitation Program

The IATFP (Italian African Trade Facilitation Program) is a program that brings together a pool of banks and other financial institutions with the aim to harmonize compliance and facilitate Enterprises' credit access to the banking system. IATFP provides financial services to support Trade (Import/Export) and Investment Projects in Africa.

Advantages for Enterprises

➣ Access to the international banking system

➣ Exclusive service for the emerging African markets

➣ Access to several credit facilities

Terms and Conditions

Please find below ETC's terms and conditions:

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