The Group ETC acts as a partner of investors and banks (European/Italian and African) providing financial services and interbank services in favour of investment projects and trade transactions (Import & Export), involving the different Group companies as required.


Correspondent Banking

Supporting Banks in cash management, foreign exchange and payment services

Transaction Banking

Supporting banks in Business Intelligence and Benchmark analysis of Financial transactions


Due Diligence

Supporting Banks in KYC "Know your Customer" services for investigating counterparts (African/European Exporters/Importers and Banks/Financial Institution) in accordance with international directives of AML (Anti-Money Laundering), CTF (Counter Terrorism Financing) and ABC (Anti-Bribery and Corruption)

RMA Swift

On-boarding of Swift RMA - Relationship Management Application to exchange BIC keys permitting international transactions with authenticated financial messages.


Trade Finance

Issuing, Advising, Confirming and Counter guaranteeing Documentary Letter of Credit (L/C), Stand-by Letter of Credit (SBLC) and Surety Bonds (payment guarantee, collection goods guarantee, bid bond, advance payment bond, performance bond, maintenance bond)

Projects Finance

Issuing Financial Guarantee for Investment projects (L/G)

Debt Restructuring

Issuing Financial Guarantee for Restructuring projects (L/G)



Goods collection, Custom clearance, Goods delivery


Main Contractor, Purchasing Group, Import / Export

Supply Chain Management

Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistic, Commissioning


ETC has designed two programs to meet the needs of African Enterprises and Banks :

DRPE - Debt Restructuring Program

The DRPE (Debt Restructuring Program) is a program launched by ETC dedicated to corporate debt restructuring, which assists banks located in the OHADA area (supervised by the banking supervision of BCEAO and BEAC) to reclassify their Exposures or downgraded Loans.

Advantages for Banks:

➣ Reclassify downgraded Past-due or NPL (Non Performing Loan)

➣ Free up equity capital (leverage effect)

➣ Obtain a restructuring plan assisted by a SBLC (Stand-by Letter of Credit) issued according to the URDG/ISP of the International Chamber of Commerce and authenticated via Swift MT760 message

➣ Avoid court disputes with clients

IATFP - Italian African Trade Facilitation Program

ETC has launched the IATFP program (Italian African Trade Facilitation Program) to set up a consortium-based Executive Committee with banks and financial institutions, with the aim of harmonizing Compliance procedures, facilitating Correspondent Banking activities and implementing Trade Finance and Project Finance facilities.

Advantages for Banks

➣ Contrast the Derisking phenomenon of International banks through the harmonization of the Compliance services

➣ Integrated services of Global Transaction Banking

➣ Access to Trade Finance lines

➣ Reduce GAP in Trade Finance

Terms and Conditions

Please find below ETC's terms and conditions:

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