In order to support trade with african counterparties in Africa, it is fundamental, being able to quantify the risks and manage them properly. African counterparties are a specific kind of client that requires tailor made risk management tools and methodologies.

After years of presence in the African markets and cooperation with the main European and African institutions ETC, together with Uniafrica (Union for the Development of Italian-African Relations), has launched a new program for the Italian-African related business named Italian African Trade facilitation Program “IATFP”, with the aim of supporting trade with Italian/European counterparties and investment projects in Africa.

The Mission is to pool skills and knowledge in order to promote Trade Finance and internationalization activities towards African markets based on a cost-sharing and risk reduction approach.

Main goal of IATFP is to manage three main areas:

• Risk management along the entire value chain

• Business growth related to African markets

• Network management, involving actors of various nature (institutions, banks, advisors and consultants, and corporates) to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency in each step of the value chain

Main Areas of the Program:

The strategy of ETC aims to create a cross-functional structure capable of providing value, combining know-how and expertise in the following main areas:

  • Transaction Assessment

  • Network Management

  • Compliance & Due Diligence

  • Corporate Advisory

  • Trade Finance

  • Business & Market Intelligence

Who is it for?

In order to better develop the business of emerging countries in Africa, facing their commercial complexity, IATFP aims to expand the panel of participants:

  1. PanAfrican Entities

  • Multilateral Funds

  • Business Law (OHADA)

  • Development / Multilateral banks and Financial Institutions (IFC, AfDB, BDEAC, EADB, BOAD, BADEA, Afreximbank, et cetera)

  • Audit companies

  1. Commercial bank in both Italian-African Markets

  • Issuing / Confirming banks

  • Collecting / Presenting / Remitting banks

  • Clearing banks

  1. Italian Entities

  • ICE

  • Cassa Depositi e Prestiti


  1. Marketplace

  • Free Zones

  • Industrial Districts

  • Commercial Platforms

  1. Facilitators

  • Correspondent Banking /Commercial Agent

  • Business Intelligence and Transaction Banking Specialist

Benefits for Participant Banks:

  1. Corporate Advisory Service:

  • Business development and commercial scouting

  • Risk management

  • Supply Chain management

  • Free trade zones

  1. Due Diligence Service: DD process run by ETC for

  • Collection / update of documents & Information

  • Storage in a Relationship Management platform (easy to access)

  1. Corporate Finance Service:

    • Trade Finance

    • Project Finance

  1. Business Intelligence Service: Correspondent Banking Flows assessment

  • Map of existing channels (foreign markets, banking relationships)

  • Insights on currencies

  • Trade finance and clean payments analysis

  1. Banking Network Membership (optional):

  • RMA Exchange with a specific network of selected counterparties (subjected to enhanced selection procedure and periodic monitoring)

  1. Banking Network Membership (optional):

  • Participation to IATFP Steering Committee

    • Strategic planning

    • Business activation of Italian-African projects

  • Brand Placement and visibility

    • Offical documentation

    • Website, LinkedIN focus group

    • Newsletter

Other useful resources for Banks: